Rachel Moores
from 5 years old
Training :
completed a 3 yr professional dance course at Preston College. Qualified to teach and enter students in ISTD Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz awards and National ( folk dance )exams.
Stage experience :
performed at the Lyceum Theatre Crewe and Granada TV.(England)
Teaching experience:
Jersey (Chanel Islands ) - I.S.T.D. and R.A.D. Ballet for the Jersey Dance Academy ( RAD summer school centre)
Manchester (GB) - R.A.D. Ballet and I.S.T.D. Modern / Tap for Miss McGaire RAD Children's examiner
RAF Brüggen / J.H.Q. (D) - I.S.T.D. Ballet, Modern and Tap.
Dance School Moores 2000-2001
January 1999
Showtime 2000

February 2000, Charity show in Niederkrüchten
70 Members of the Dance School danced their way to raise 2550 DM for the Verein für Freizeitgestalltung Behinderter Niederkrüchten. ( Disabled sports club )

J.H.Q. Summer Show
May 2000 . Some of our older members performed for the public.
38 of our members took and passed their I.S.T.D. in June and November 2000.
Christmas Party
A big party for our members including a small performance and a visit from Santa.
57 of our members took their exams in June and December 2001. Once again all of our menbers passed with flying colours .
Dance School Moores 2002-2003
Showtime 2002
after lots of hard work we put on another show in February and again raised money for a local charity.
As we had more older students, this year we expanded the show to also include singing and Irish Tap aswell as our childrens story.
New studo / Erkelenz
We opened our new studio with mirrors,ballet barres, harlequin non slip flooring, pitch control stereo, waiting area,and changing rooms on the 26th May 2002 in Erkelenz.
51 members took their exams in 2002. Everyone passed again. congratulations !
Career Start
Harriet Ogden passes her entrance exam to Study dance and performing arts at the renound Hammond School.
Dance School Moores 2004 - 2005
89 Members take and pass their exams again. A Extra congratulation goes to Philippa Painting (14) on passing her Intermediate exams in Modern Theatre dance and Tap with A.
Professional exams
Once again our students have show thier talents. Another 4 Students have also passed their Intermediate Tap exams .
Showtime 2004
after lots of hard work we put on another show, this time just before the school holidays raising 2185,23 Euro for local charities.
See our pictures in the gallery (at present please go through the German page)
Dance School Moores 2006 - 2007
New studo / Brüggen
In March 2006 Studio 1a was born. With 2 studios complete with ballet barres, mirrors and a piano
Showtime 2007
after lots of hard work we put on another show in February and this time raised 4700 Euro for local charities.
This year we put on the Musical Mary poppins. Our dancers showed their great talents with live singing and acting.Well done !